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Spurs Rookie Has Hilarious Response To "Russell Westbrook Get Them A Lot" Question: "Bricks."

Russell Westbrook

San Antonio Spurs rookie Jeremy Sochan starred in a hilarious moment regarding somebody who could be his teammate soon. After a tumultuous first season with the Los Angeles Lakers, Russell Westbrook earned a lot of criticism from fans and analysts alike. 

The former NBA MVP didn't like the nickname 'Westbrick' but that didn't stop people from calling him that. Things have been so intense that bricks are the main thing why Russ is known for now, or at least that's what showed Sochan. During a recent appearance on NBA TV, the 2022 No. 9 overall draft pick was playing a game where he was asked a series of questions. 

When the host asked for something regarding Westbrook, Sochan said the first thing that came to his mind, and it was pretty bad. 

Clue: “Russell Westbrook gets them a lot.”

Sochan: "Bricks."

He was as shocked as the rest of the people in the room and laughed in disbelief before rectifying his answer and mentioning the other thing Russ gets a lot on the court: triple-doubles. 

This was a surprising and hilarious response. Even though Russ has earned this reputation due to his lack of shooting skills, he doesn't like getting called Westbrick, and perhaps Sochan will pay the consequences of this mistake in the upcoming NBA regular season. 

What is worse is that the Spurs have been mentioned in a potential three-team trade with the Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets that would take Brodie to Texas and Kyrie to California. These are only rumors, but things could change soon if the Spurs decide to include themselves in a blockbuster move.