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Stan Van Gundy Declares Stephen Curry As The Hardest Player To Guard In The NBA

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Steph Curry Wins Award For "Best NBA Player."

Stephen Curry is one of the best players in the league. After being injured for the majority of the 2019-20 season, Curry had some doubters among fans. People were wondering whether he could replicate his past exploits, and Stephen Curry responded by winning the scoring title this season. The Warriors had few offensive threats outside of Curry, and they desperately needed his offensive firepower to stay competitive.

While a lot of people talk about Stephen Curry's shooting prowess, his scoring often gets overlooked as people view him as "just a shooter". However, there's no doubt that he's an amazing scorer who can get his own from anywhere on the court. In fact, when Stan Van Gundy spoke on the most recent episode of the Slapping Glass podcast, he stated that Stephen Curry is the hardest player to guard in the NBA.

There's no question that Stephen Curry took on a huge scoring load this season. The fact that he managed to do that successfully with opposing defenses often committing multiple defenders to stop him is nothing short of spectacular. His prowess off the ball is well known, and Curry never stops moving on the court. On top of that, he can quickly get hot and rain a barrage of 3PT shots down on the opposing defense.

While it was definitely entertaining to watch Stephen Curry be a one-man show on offense this season, he should be relieved of some scoring duties when Klay Thompson returns this season. The Golden State Warriors will look to be contenders when that happens, and they will certainly have a dangerous squad that also features Draymond Green and Andrew Wiggins.

It remains to be seen how the Golden State Warriors do next season, but with Stephen Curry, they'll always have a shot of winning any given game. While they haven't been a contender since 2019, Klay Thompson's return offers some hope that they could return to that status.