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Stan Van Gundy's Big Reaction To Scottie Pippen's Comments On Michael Jordan And DPOY: "It’s Sad To See A Great Player So Bitter."

Grant Hill Reflects On Scottie Pippen-Michael Jordan Controversies: "You Just Hate To See That Legacy Now Tainted By This Sort Of Back And Forth."

Scottie Pippen has made headlines in recent times thanks to his comments about Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, and whoever he seemed to have a good relationship with before. The Chicago Bulls legend opened up about his real relationship with MJ, shocking the world with his claims about His Airness and how unfair he was to him and the rest of his Bulls teammates. 

It's been almost a year since Scottie decided to tell his side of the story, taking shots at Jordan, and he hasn't stopped coming at the GOAT, using strong words to criticize him and making bold claims about his chances of being as good or better than Jordan

During a recent interview with TrashTalk, the point-forward took a shot at Jordan while explaining why he never won the DPOY award

“I think they were too busy watching Michael,” Pippen replied when asked why he never won the prize. 

Everybody had something to say about that, and not precisely good things. Pippen has managed to lose a lot of fans thanks to his words, but he doesn't seem to be bothered by that. Still, many people have criticized him for his remarks, and Stan Van Gundy was one of the latest to join that 'trend.' 

When Bomani Jones claimed that Pippen didn't get the award because he wasn't a big man, based on all the winners during those years, Van Gundy chimed in and sent a big message to No. 33. 

"It’s sad to see a great player so bitter," the former New Orleans Pelicans head coach tweeted. 

Scottie has been making a lot of noise recently, but that doesn't change the fact that he's losing respect and many relationships with people that cared about him. Whatever his deal with Jordan is, that's his business, but fans are getting tired of Pippen doing and saying things to attack Jordan only to get a few clicks or to sell more books.