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Steph Curry Pays Tribute To Muggsy Bogues: “5’3 On The Court But A Giant To The Game… All Love Muggs!”

Steph Curry Pays Tribute To Muggsy Bogues: “5’3 On The Court But A Giant To The Game… All Love Muggs!”

Few people can deny just how influential Muggsy Bogues was in the NBA. At just 5'3, Bogues is one of the shortest players to ever play in the NBA. In a land of giants, Bogues was able to use his incredible skill and talent to shine and pave the way for several other players.

Because of Muggsy, NBA officials began looking at smaller players more seriously, as he showed that size isn't necessary to be successful in the league. Players like Nate Robinson and Isaiah Thomas, who are also below 6 feet have found success in the NBA despite their size.

But their success would not have been possible without Muggsy showing the NBA and the world how smaller players can succeed in the league. 

It could be said that Bogues' most iconic period in the NBA was with the Charlotte Hornets. The Hornets are the team that most people associate with Bogues' career. And it was in Charlotte that Muggsy would meet a young boy who would go on to change the NBA, just like he did.

One of Muggsy's teammates in Charlotte was Dell Curry. Curry would bring his sons Stephen and Seth around. As we know now, Steph Curry has gone on to become the greatest shooter of all time, one of the greatest players in NBA history, and someone who changed the way the game of basketball is played.

Steph Curry took to Twitter to pay tribute to Muggsy Bogues, sharing a video of how Muggsy used to play around with him and Seth. He called Muggsy a giant of the game and spoke about how inspiring it was to watch him defy the odds and become a star in the NBA.

"5'3" on the court but a Giant to the game. So dope growing up in Charlotte watching him do it in person. No way he should have made it, but don't tell him that! All love Muggs!"

Clearly, Muggsy Bogues was an inspiration for Steph Curry. The way Bogues interacted with him as a kid was so special for him. And he tries to do the same for other young fans, even playing rock paper scissors with a young fan after the Warriors' last game.

While Curry is not nearly as small as Muggsy was, he was looked at as an undersized player entering the league. And much like Bogues, he changed the NBA, especially with his three-point shooting. Curry is still playing at the highest level and is already considered the greatest shooter of all time.