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Steph Curry Beats Small Kid At Rock Paper Scissors And Celebrates

The Golden State Warriors Are The Only Team To Score 100+ Points In Each Game This Season, Averaging The Most Points Per Game With 113.9

Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors are on an incredible run at the moment and are looking like the best team in the NBA. Last night, the Warriors continued their great form, beating the Detroit Pistons and extending their record to 14-2, the best in the NBA at the moment. 

Curry didn't actually play against Detroit, taking a night off in order to rest and recover as the NBA schedule picks up steam going forward. But the Warriors were able to handily beat the Pistons without Curry, proving just how deep they are as a squad and further cementing their status as championship favorites.

But Steph was able to grab headlines with his win. Not against the Pistons, but against a young fan in a game of Rock Paper Scissors. The fan had made a sign asking Curry for a game against him. Curry defeated the young fan, and then hilariously celebrated before hugging the fan.

He clearly made the young fan's day, and it was an adorable moment for the world to witness. But for Curry, despite the game, it was a night of reprieve, as he didn't have to wear his sneakers and put the Pistons away with his incredible play. 

Curry's performances have been incredible so far, so much so, that rival teams like the Brooklyn Nets and the Cleveland Cavaliers gave him MVP chants when the Warriors came and defeated them in their own arena.

Going forward, Curry's focus will be on making sure the Warriors are able to continue this incredible run. Klay Thompson is expected to return in a month's time. If he can replicate the form he had before his brutal run of injuries, the Warriors would become the outright favorite to win the championship. 

At this time, Curry is playing at an MVP level and has helped the Warriors become arguably the best team in the league. And if he continues playing at this level, then it is possible for him to win his fourth NBA championship.