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Stephen Curry Gets MVP Chants In Cleveland, The City He Faced In The NBA Finals 4 Times

Stephen Curry Gets MVP Chants In Cleveland, Team He Faced In The NBA Finals 4 Times

Stephen Curry has been absolutely magnificent to start the new NBA season. Curry has been replicating performances from his unanimous MVP season, as he has helped the Warriors get off to the best starts in the NBA this season. 

Because of his performances, he is getting shouts for MVP already. Curry was actually in the mix for MVP last season but eventually lost it to Nikola Jokic. One of the biggest reasons for him not winning was how poorly the Warriors played despite Curry's spectacular performances.

But this season, Curry and the Warriors are clicking, and currently have the best record in the NBA with 13-2. Much of this good start has been discredited and attributed to the Warriors having a fairly easy schedule up until this point. 

Given that they've beaten the Lakers and the Nets, two of the favorites for the championship coming into the season, there might be more to the Warriors' great start than just an easy schedule.

Curry has been on fire, putting up some of the best numbers of his career. For the season, Curry is averaging 28 points, 6 assists, and 6 rebounds, while shooting 40% from the three-point line. While his shooting percentages are some of the lowest of his career, his performances are still spectacular.

So much so, that an old rival team could do nothing but applaud him. The Golden State Warriors went to Cleveland to face the Cavaliers. At the end of yet another win, Curry was greeted with MVP chants in the Cavaliers' arena. Given the history Curry has with Cleveland, this was truly a surprise.

Curry was actually born in Akron, Ohio, just a little outside of Cleveland. In fact, he was born in the same hospital as LeBron James. They didn't just share a hospital, they shared the NBA Finals stage 4 times when James led the Cavaliers, and Curry led the Warriors against each other.

Warriors and Cavaliers shared a genuine rivalry, facing off in 4 consecutive NBA Finals. Curry and the Warriors got the better of Cleveland 3 times, winning the NBA championships in 2015, 2017, and 2018. But Cleveland rallied in 2016 to come back from 3-1 down to win the NBA championship.

This isn't the first time Curry has experienced a rival team laud him with MVP chants. Just recently, Brooklyn Nets fans also chanted 'MVP' at Steph, despite them having their own MVP candidate in Kevin Durant.

Clearly, despite the recent animosity between the two sides, the Cavaliers have come to respect Steph Curry. Now that they are no longer in a heated rivalry for the NBA title, Cleveland is ready to acknowledge the greatness of Steph Curry.