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Steph Curry Reacts To Epic All-Star Weekend: "Shoutout To Cleveland For The Boos..."

Steph Curry Reacts To Epic All-Star Weekend: "Shoutout To Cleveland For The Boos..."

Steph Curry was the star of the show this pasts weekend. After being honored as one of the Top 75 greatest players ever, he finished Sunday night with a 50 point performance in front of his hometown crowd.

When he woke up on Monday, the 2x MVP made sure to send some love towards Cleveland, the rowdy fans, and LeBron James, who nailed the game-winner.

Shooters shoot!! S/o to Cleveland for the boos…and then the love. Amazing weekend and @KingJames with the Game winner. Something in that Akron water 😉 An incredibly special trophy in the birth state… Humbled and Honored 🙏🏽

Curry is an Akron native, just like LeBron. Somehow, the two were born in the same hospital and it's a fact that often gets forgotten by the fans.

LeBron James and Stephen Curry have more in common than people think of. They're both historically great in their position, they're both two of the greatest players to ever live, and they're both two of the most influential players in NBA history.

But more than that, they hold another unlikely bond and one of the strangest coincidences ever, as they were both born in the very same hospital: Akron General Medical Center.

This is unlikely because Stephen Curry is the son of an NBA player, while LeBron James grew up with a single mom and not much cash to spare. Yet, somehow their fates were tied since the very beginning, and we should all be thankful for this hospital.

Unlike LeBron, Curry was seen as the enemy of Cleveland for much of his NBA career. He met the Cavs four straight times in the Finals and put them down a whole lot more often than he got defeated. It makes sense why the fans in the city were booing so hard when they heard his name.

In the end, however, Steph got cheers from everyone in the arena. His signature performance capped off an excellent night that nobody is soon to forget.

And if the Cavs are ever unlucky enough to face Curry again in the postseason, you can bet they'll carry over the same energy they did on Sunday.