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Stephen A. Smith Calls Out The Philadelphia 76ers For How They Have Treated Allen Iverson

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The Philadelphia 76ers have been the center of most debates during the offseason. For the most part, it was due to Ben Simmons and his trade drama. But now, another situation has developed for the organization. We all know, how amazing Allen Iverson was as a player and he had the best years of his career while donning a 76ers jersey.

Despite not winning an NBA championship with the Sixers, AI is without a doubt a franchise legend. Usually, such players always have a door open into the organization after their careers are over to possibly take either coaching or a management position.

Unfortunately, in the case of AI and the 76ers that door seems to be waxed shut! Even Iverson is surprised that he hasn't been provided with an opportunity by the franchise. He recently revealed that what he wants to do is help the organization in any way possible

NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith talked about the 76ers' handling of their former superstar in detail and spoiler alert, Smith was not happy.

"My response to that is the Sixers organization is the one organization that has no business taking this position. Allen Iverson is absolutely right. One thousand percent. And I haven’t spoken to the Sixers, but I will. Because this is some BS. I was not aware, I didn’t ask Allen Iverson about this. I wasn’t aware that he had absolutely no role with the Sixers organization. I don't know what the hell was wrong with me. I didn't think to ask. I assumed that they did have him and let me tell you why I assumed that."

Honestly, it is quite astonishing that AI doesn't have even a single role within the organization. Stephen A. further continued to explain his assumption and simultaneously utterly destroying the 76ers:

 “The same Sixers organization that evidently doesn’t employ Allen Iverson in any capacity, is the same Sixers organization that used him for ‘Bobblehead Night’ and retired his jersey and did everything they could to celebrate him in recent years, to generate revenue, and interest in their franchise when that bogus ‘process’ was ongoing, and you couldn’t win a damn practice game, let alone a real NBA game. Nobody was interested. You sucked as an organization. And what did you do? Allen Iverson. Could you come to the rescue? Could you be there for us? We want to celebrate you. We marketed it. We monetized it. We generated revenue off of it. That’s what you did coz you didn’t matter at that time.”

With the 76ers long-running 'Process' over now, they need to bring AI into the organization, and let's be honest he deserves that honor.

He did everything in his capacity to perform at an elite level during his playing days. Apart from a few bumps regarding his training ethic, AI was always there for the team. Hopefully, the Sixers get Smith's message and act on it ASAP.