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Stephen A. Smith Claims That The Denver Nuggets Can Win A Championship Within 2-3 Years If Michael Porter Jr. Stays Healthy

Michael Porter Jr.

Credit: Getty Images

The Denver Nuggets have established themselves as a legitimate contender over the past few seasons. They notably came from 3-1 down in two series last playoffs, before falling short in the Conference Finals against LeBron James. This year, it seems like they could make some noise in the postseason: Nikola Jokic is playing like an MVP, and Jamal Murray has been a solid co-star.

However, it is the development of Michael Porter Jr. that will be the key to how well this team does in the future. Porter Jr. is averaging 16.6 PPG this season, and he could potentially be the key cog to the Denver Nuggets' championship aspirations.

Recently, analyst Stephen A. Smith has talked up the Denver Nuggets and claimed that they could potentially win the championship within the next few years if Michael Porter Jr. stays healthy. The Denver Nuggets were outclassed by the Lakers last season, but if Porter Jr. continues to improve, then that could potentially change.

Michael Porter Jr. is an amazing scorer at the forward position, and he has the ability to score from anywhere on the court. The Denver Nuggets lucked out on getting him through the draft. Michael Porter Jr. is an elite shot creator and knows how to get his shots. The Nuggets have the whole future ahead of them: hopefully, they can capitalize on their talent, and win at least one championship.