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Stephen A. Smith Couldn't Believe Jalen Rose Voted Kyrie Irving For All-NBA Third Team: "How In God’s Name Is He A Third-Team All-NBA?"

Stephen A. Smith Couldn't Believe Jalen Rose Voted Kyrie Irving For All-NBA Third Team: "How In God’s Name Is He A Third-Team All-NBA?"

This week, the NBA revealed the three All-NBA teams for the 2021/22 season. The All-NBA First Team is full of youth, as the five players on that lineup are 27 or younger, which hasn't happened since 1954-55. 

As usual, there was controversy about certain selections and the fact that some players could have been on a higher team, according to fans or their peers. Well, one of the craziest stories regarding these teams is that Kyrie Irving shockingly received a vote for the All-NBA Third Team. 

This was already odd, but things got to the next level when we learned about the person who voted for Kyrie. Former NBA player-turned-analyst Jalen Rose admitted he was the one that voted for Kyrie for the team. The former MIP award winner admitted it was a mistake, but that didn't stop Stephen A. Smith from unleashing on him. 

During Wednesday's edition of ESPN's NBA Countdown, Smith had this to say (via the New York Post):

“I need to fall on the sword because I’m the lone person that voted Kyrie Irving third-team All-NBA,” Rose said. “I get mesmerized by his talent, but it was a mistake to put him on third-team.”

Smith couldn't believe it and asked for an explanation immediately.

“I want you to explain what in God’s name made you think at any point that Kyrie Irving, who played. 29 games this year, missed 53 games. How in God’s name is he a third-team All-NBA? On any day, any hour, any minute of this season! How?” Smith asked.

Rose once again said that he felt it was a mistake and he shouldn't have given his vote to Kyrie.

“First off, I don’t think you heard the part about, I said that was a mistake,” Rose said, adding, “That was a bad decision.”

Smith then would say that he has no doubts about Kyrie's talents and capacity as an NBA player, but then took some shots at Rose for voting for Kyrie after criticizing his decisions in prior months. 

“First of all, no one has ever questioned the greatness of Kyrie Irving as a talent,” Smith said. “We know he’s box office, He’s that spectacular. Not only me, you were on the record stating his lack of availability, his unwillingness to take one for the team, to get vaccinated… disqualified him from everything, and then behind our back like a thief in the night, just slid in this vote for him. For him? He don’t even get to be All-NBA G-League after the way he disappeared for the whole season. You have got to be crazy.”

Even when he's not playing, even when the season ended for him, Kyrie Irving keeps making noise around the league. The good thing is that Jalen admitted he was wrong with that, took the L, and waited for Stephen A.'s retaliation. Perhaps next season Kyrie improves his level, doesn't miss any games and earns the honor to be an All-NBA.