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Stephen A. Smith Reacts To Kevin Durant Calling Out Kendrick Perkins

(via Bleacher Report)

(via Bleacher Report)

There's a lot of beef between Kevin Durant and former Thunder big man Kendrick Perkins. Since players began questioning whether they should return to play the 2019-20 season, there has been an ongoing battle within the community.

Perk has been one of the biggest advocates for returning to play and has been pretty harsh on his criticisms of Kyrie throughout this process. He has called Uncle Drew a "distraction" and blasted his leadership.

Kevin Durant soon chimed in to defend his teammate, calling Perk a sellout on Instagram while posting a video of the former big man air balling a jumper.

On ESPN's First Take, Stephen A. Smith gave his own take on the unfolding of events.

"During this time of strife in our nation's history, with everybody clearly needing to come together, it's one thing if you disagree with an idea or disagree with what somebody is saying and you articulate that position. But at a time when folks all over the place are calling for black people to unite more than ever before -- and if you're going to disagree, just disagree with ideas -- but come together.

Kevin Durant: the only word we've heard from you on this issue is calling Kendrick Perkins a sellout. Who really looks bad? I got news for you, it's not Kendrick Perkins, it's Kevin Durant. Because you have much more in your arsenal to explain your position rather than simply denigrating a former teammate of yours."

Besides his $1 million donation to social justice groups, Durant hasn't said or done much on the issue besides flame Perk. He's been promoting discord and infighting instead of unity in a time where togetherness is something the community needs most.

Smith is certainly right in his line of thinking and it's a wonder how many others share his opinion.