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Stephen A. Smith Reveals His Top 5 Players For The 2021-22 Season: Kevin Durant Is No. 1, LeBron James Is No. 2

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Stephen A. Smith's Top 5

Next season seems wide open for teams to win the championship. There are plenty of contenders who have the talent to win it all, and it certainly looks like we'll have an exciting season.

There are a lot of superstars who have a case for being the best player in the world, and it looks like this upcoming year is a great way for any star to make their case for that position.

With that being said, every person's opinion of who is actually the best player in the world differs. Generally, when you get up to that top 5, the margins are slim between the superstars involved. A lot of people make lists in order to show their opinions on who the best players in the world are.

Stephen A. Smith has recently released his top 5 players for the 2021-22 season, placing Kevin Durant at the top. The list also featured LeBron James at No. 2. A somewhat surprising selection was Damian Lillard at No. 5, ahead of players such as James Harden and Anthony Davis, who are widely considered to be on that level.

It remains to be seen whether Stephen A. Smith's rankings will change throughout the season, and there's no doubt that there's some controversy regarding where he put all the players involved. Most people consider Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James as the best players in the league. Regardless of the person creating the list though, these sorts of rankings will always be controversial. Each of the players that Stephen A. Smith listed is clearly in the top 10, and each has a case for the top 5.

As far as players specifically go, this list seems fairly reasonable. The same can be said for another list that Stephen A. Smith put out featuring his top 5 players of all-time. Even if one can argue about the positioning in those lists, the players themselves are deserving. Stephen A. Smith may have some hot takes, but it's clear that his list is very solid.