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Stephen A. Smith Takes A Huge Shot At Kevin Durant: "Pathetic. No Heart. No Pride."

Stephen A. Smith Takes A Huge Shot At Kevin Durant: "Pathetic. No Heart. No Pride."

For the Brooklyn Nets to be successful in the NBA right now, they need Kevin Durant to be at his sparkling best in almost every game. While Kyrie Irving and Ben Simmons are present to share the load with KD, he is still their cornerstone player.

Kevin Durant struggled a bit against the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Nets ended up losing the game. The most shocking part about that defeat was the fact that the 76ers entered the court without Joel Embiid, James Harden, and Tyrese Maxey. Despite that, they still ended with the dub.

Following the loss, Durant called out the Nets teammates for struggling against the undermanned 76ers.

Kevin Durant Gets A Taste Of His Own Medicine From Stephen A. Smith

Veteran NBA analyst Stephen A. Smith is someone who is known for his no-filter assessment of NBA players regardless of their status in the league. Smith treats Durant in a similar way, and it has led to the two developing a beef in recent times.

Regardless of that, Smith made sure to take a huge shot at Kevin Durant and the entire culture of the Nets.

(Starts at 0:24)

Pathetic. No heart whatsoever. No pride whatsoever. You bring into account their culture and I think that’s what’s something that needs to be talked about for a quick second. Mike Wilbon has mentioned this on several occasions and I gotta give props to the godfather himself. The fact of the matter is this, you’re Kevin Durant, 14 shots? 14 shots? What the hell are you doing? Why you out there?! You’re Kevin Durant. You can average 30 in your sleep.

The Nets have been criticized for their lack of mental toughness several times after the embarrassing loss against the 76ers. But Stephen A. Smith's rant was aimed toward KD in particular. He wanted the 34-year-old to demand the ball more and take over the game.

Another shocking detail from the Nets' defeat against the 76ers was the fact that Durant took just one just in the fourth quarter. Moving forward, fans will hope to see a much more aggressive version of KD.

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