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Stephen Curry Agrees That He Is Not A Point Guard: "It Doesn't Really Matter What Position You Play, It's "Can You Play Basketball?"

Stephen Curry Says He Is The Greatest 3-Point Shooter Of All Time: “I’m Comfortable Saying It Now.”

There is an argument to be made that Stephen Curry is the greatest point guard in NBA history. There is no doubt that Curry belongs in the argument with players like Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, and Oscar Robertson. But is Curry the best to ever play at the point guard position?

Some people, however, don't even think that he is a point guard. In a recent episode of undercover by GQ Sports, Stephen Curry found a post that said that Curry was not a point guard because he wasn't the primary ball-handler. The post said that Draymond carried the ball for the Warriors and that Curry was more of a shooting guard.

Curry, surprisingly, agreed with the post, although he was befuddled by the anger in the post. He noted that basketball in the modern era isn't about positions, but is more about talent. And that he is more concerned with playing well. He said that he would be completely fine with fans calling Draymond Green the point guard and himself the shooting guard (1:29 mark).

“I would have to say you’re right. And you have a lot of questions. But it doesn’t really matter what position you play, it’s just ‘can you play basketball?’. And we just figure it out. So you’re going to call Draymond the point guard and me the shooting guard, sounds great.”

Curry clearly doesn't care about which position he plays, as long as he can play at a high level and contribute to winning basketball. He had a lot of responses that were very interesting. Curry picked himself over Klay Thompson as the better shooter. And he even noted that his Warriors with Kevin Durant could beat the 1996 Chicago Bulls in 6 games.

Curry is not a traditional point guard. But he has revolutionized the NBA and changed the way the game is played. Whether or not he fits the definition of a point guard, there is no denying that Curry is one of the best players to ever take the court.