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Stephen Curry Defends Marcus Smart After Controversial Play: "He Didn't Try To Hurt Me."

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Stephen Curry and Marcus Smart

Stephen Curry has been the key for the Golden State Warriors offense all season, and at one point, many people viewed him as an MVP candidate. This season, Stephen Curry is averaging 25.5 PPG, 5.2 RPG, and 6.3 APG.

As of right now, Stephen Curry is out with an injury due to a controversial play where Marcus Smart dove at the ball and made contact with his knee. A lot of fans were extremely angry at Marcus Smart for making a dangerous play.

Stephen Curry has recently come to Marcus Smart's defense on the play, claiming that it wasn't as if Smart was trying to hurt him, and added that he didn't think the play was "malicious or dirty". Jack Maloney of CBS Sports relayed the news.

"He didn't try to hurt me. There's a certain way that he plays that I don't think many other people would have made the play that he did. But I don't think it was malicious or dirty or trying to hurt me. It was kind of just a tough situation. Just the way he plays there's a conversation of should he or shouldn't he have, but it wasn't like he looked at me and was like 'I'm trying to hurt that dude.' It's basketball."

There is no doubt that sometimes accidents such as this happen over the course of a game. Marcus Smart is known as a tenacious defender and hustle player who dives for every loose ball, and unfortunately, this time he ended up accidentally hurting Stephen Curry when trying to make a winning basketball play.

Hopefully, we see Stephen Curry recover in time for the playoffs. The Golden State Warriors' title hopes hinge on the availability of their superstar, and they'll need him at full strength to compete with the heavyweights in the Western Conference.