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Stephen Curry, James Harden And Joel Embiid All Said They're The 2021 MVP. Only Nikola Jokic Didn't Promote Himself.

Stephen Curry, James Harden And Joel Embiid All Said They're The MVP. Only Nikola Jokic Didn't Promote Himself.

The MVP race is entering the last month of competition and although we've seen a series of candidates making their case to win the award, Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets appears to be the frontrunner to take the award home but some could still make a late push to put some pressure on the Serbian big man.

Stephen Curry, Joel Embiid and priorly, James Harden, have been touted as big competition for Jokic, with all these three players making the case for themselves and explaining why they are deserving of the award. Slam Studios recently pointed out that out of these four players, only Nikola hasn't been talking about how much he deserves the coveted award.

Curry recently revealed he believes he should get it, although he knows he probably won't get it. Joel Embiid has repeatedly stated he has been dominating this season and that seeing how well his team is playing, he should be given the prize.

As for James Harden, he said the same before going down with an injury. The Brooklyn Nets superstar revealed he felt like the Most Valuable Player in the league this season and at some point, he was going toe-to-toe with Jokic but a neck injury ruined his season.

Now Jokic is the leader of the MVP ladder, followed by Embiid, who also missed a couple of games, hurting his case for the award. It seems like Jokic has a clear path to win the MVP award right now, but things can change in the league in a month. At this moment, he surpasses Embiid, his closest pursuer, in 8 items, with Embiid only being better than him at 4 categories.

The Joker keeps earning more praise by the day and unless something extraordinary happens, we'll see the Serbian big man getting his first MVP award and becoming the first center to win it since Shaquille O'Neal did it in 2000.