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Stephen Curry Responds To Ayesha Curry's Question 'What Could You Not Live Without For One Month': "Sex, Coffee, Your Phone, Or Weed?"

Stephen Curry Responds To Ayesha Curry's Question 'What Could You Not Live Without For One Month': "Sex, Coffe, Your Phone, Or Weed?"

Steph Curry is one of the most popular players on the NBA stage and it has led to his wife Ayesha Curry finding herself in the spotlight at times as well. The two have enjoyed the limelight and have become one of the more well-known couples in the NBA.

Ayesha has previously come under fire for comments she has made regarding feeling to be wanted, but things have improved considerably since then. She even spoke about her body transformation and how she hopes it would inspire others to follow in her lead.

The couple recently went on HBO's About Last Night show and we got some hilarious soundbites out of it too!

Ayesha Curry: "Babe what could you not live without for a month?"

Steph Curry: "Sex, for sure."

Ayesha Curry: "Okay" (laughs)

When Ayesha asked her husband what he couldn't live without for a month if he had to choose between sex, coffee, his phone, or weed, Steph answered without hesitation, sex, for sure.

Ayesha did not seem too surprised by the response which indicates that the couple seems to be on the right terms at the moment. From the outside looking in, it hasn't always seemed that way, so it is good to see the couple having some fun on the set with each other. Also on the show were the likes of Draymond Green, who opted to avoid answering this question.

Draymond Green: "Damn that's tough"

Curry and Draymond had some fun on the show but their eyes are now all set on getting back to the NBA Finals. The Warriors eliminated the Memphis Grizzlies to get to the Western Conference finals and will face the Dallas Mavericks, who stunned the top-seeded Phoenix Suns.

They are heavy favorites against the Mavs and not making it to the Finals this season would be a major surprise at this point. With their championship pedigree, you have to think another title is very much on the cards.