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Stephen Jackson Wants The Smoke With Kwame Brown: 'I Need To Look You In Your Eyes, Big Guy'

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The Kwame Brown vs. All The Smoke saga has gotten more intense in recent hours. One week after the former No. 1 overall pick decided to break his silence and went after all of those that criticized him in the past 20 years, the situation has taken several turns. 

More recently, Stephen Jackson, co-host of Showtime's "All the Smoke" took to Instagram to send a message to Brown to settle their differences once and for all. After Gilbert Arenas appeared on Jackson's show talking about Brown, joking about his career with Stack and Matt Barnes. 

That didn't sit well with Brown, who went after the trio, starting this war that doesn't seem to have an end. That's why Jackson decided he wanted to settle everything man to man, face to face. 

jackson post

"I'm back in Atlanta. Pull up. Bring as many people u want to feel safe. I need to look u in your eyes big guy," he wrote in a note which was later shared on Instagram. 

"I will be solo. Man to man. It's not a threat. Face to face. U know me very well so u know I'm serious. It's too easy to get someone touched. Not what I stand for. Before people who love me do something I can't control," he captioned the now-deleted post with. 

It's unclear what this means but seeing how heated things have gotten in recent days, it wouldn't be a surprise to see these guys throwing hands to finish this whole situation. 

A lot has been said on this matter, but it seems like a confrontation between Brown and his detractors is imminent as the days go by.