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Steve Kerr On Draymond Green: "He Really Wants Us To Be Back In The Limelight As A Group, As A Team."

Steve Kerr On Draymond Green- "He Really Wants Us To Be Back In The Limelight As A Group, As A Team."

Draymond Green has enjoyed plenty of success over the years. With teammates like Step Curry, Klay Thompson, and Kevin Durant, he and the Warriors have achieved amazing feats.

But since the departure of KD, life on the court hasn't been so easy, especially with all the injuries that have piled up in the meantime.

Still, coach Steve Kerr says that Draymond has a burning desire to return to that level of greatness and holds optimism about what the future might bring...

“And the exciting thing is, he [Draymond] really wants to win a title,” Kerr said of the Warriors forward, per NBC Sports. “He really wants to be back in the limelight as a group, as a team. And he’s so motivated this summer. … We’re all bummed that he didn’t make the playoffs, but we have to look on the bright side, which is that our team’s in a really good frame of mind.”

Not every player gets to call themselves a 3x NBA Champion. Most would be content with that number.

For Green, though, his hunger continues and it might just help fuel the Warriors on their journey for next year. With Klay returning, and the summer of the offseason moves ahead, the Dubs might just show the world they're not done yet.