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Steve Kerr Says: Draymond Green Is "The Best Defender" In The League

(via Golden State Of Mind, a Golden State Warriors community)

(via Golden State Of Mind, a Golden State Warriors community)

The Warriors could not complete their three-peat in 2019 and were bad enough to get the No. 2 overall picks in 2020. Needless to say, the whole roster is probably ready to compete at a high level. While the Warriors may not be the league dominating force of old, a return to contention in the upcoming season is in the cards, probably as a lower seed.

A huge part of the Warriors' dynasty was the defensive presence of Draymond Green. Green won the DPOY award in 2016-2017, and his defensive impact was the glue that held the Warriors' roster together. Draymond Green is known as a good defender; but his offensive game sometimes leaves something to be desired, especially if he can't make easy baskets. However, coach Steve Kerr wasn't worried about Green's offensive impact, instead highlighting the positives:

Anthony Slater's report shows a huge deal of confidence in Green from the Warriors head coach. Perhaps Steve Kerr is just trying to boost the morale of his roster. But due to a down year from Green, people have started to forget about his value on the court. Green may not be the best defender in the league during the regular season. But during the playoffs, Green's switchability and defensive IQ do make him one of the best and versatile defenders on the court.

Draymond Green's leadership on the defensive end should steady the Warriors after the devastating Klay Thompson injury. While Green may not lead in the scoring department, he will lead with his world-class defense and playoff performances.