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Steve Nash On Brooklyn's Struggles: "It’s A Process For Us...”

Kevin Durant

Coming into the season, the Brooklyn Nets were heavily favored to win the NBA Championship, and it was for good reason. With Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, James Harden, Blake Griffin, and more, the Nets have the best roster in the entire NBA on paper.

Unfortunately, the season has not panned out as they imagined.

James Harden is still working his way back from the hamstring injury he suffered last year while Kyrie Irving is set to miss the whole season due to his refusal to bow to COVID-19 protocols.

And now, with the Nets sitting at 11th in the East (just 2-3 on the season so far), head coach Steve Nash couldn't help remind the masses that it will take time for the team to turn things around.

(via ClutchPoints)

“It’s a process for us,” said Nash. “We lose Kyrie, as guys are trying to work their way into shape, and ten new guys. It’s different. There’s I think a period of learning to play together. Learning our best path towards scoring the ball effectively and efficiently. It’s a process and it’s gonna take us some time. So it’s not comparable to the prior look in many ways.”

Brooklyn has more than enough talent to bounce back.

The biggest question mark in all of this is Kyrie, who doesn't seem likely to return any time soon. Without him, the Nets will be missing a key player in their fight for the crown.

Interestingly, it doesn't seem like Nash knows much about that situation either.

“I’ve messaged with him,” said Nash. “We didn’t talk basketball. Just connected with him. But I have no update on that front. We didn’t talk about basketball just checked in on him.”

At a glance, the Nets are definitely a team to watch out for. Despite all the obstacles, they have multiple All-NBA level players who are hungry for a Championship.

Still, they have their work cut out for them.