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Terrence Ross Is Hyped For Paolo Banchero's Rookie Season: "He Can Do Everything... Jack Of All Trades."

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Paolo Banchero was the No. 1 overall pick in the 2022 NBA Draft, and he will likely end up being an elite prospect for the Orlando Magic. The team will hope that Banchero can become that franchise-changing superstar that will eventually lead them to an NBA championship. 

There have already been some prominent players that have praised Paolo Banchero for what he does on the court. Earlier in the summer, Draymond Green praised him for his mentality, noting that Paolo Banchero is a "winner".

"Paolo Banchero, I think, is one of the ones. And the reason I think Paolo is one of them guys is because of the things that he did on the basketball court that were not scoring. … I hope that organization is ready for that player because that player is a winner. That player, he cares. I mean, he was out there playing them Summer League games like he was playing in the NBA Finals. With that type of intensity. That is a winner right before your eyes."

Hopefully, we do see Paolo Banchero thrive in the league, as it seems as though he has the intangibles needed to be a truly impactful player. Asides from the intangibles, it seems as though Paolo Banchero also has the skill set to do well in the modern game.

Terrence Ross Thinks Paolo Banchero Can Do Everything On The Court

Orlando Magic forward Terrence Ross has recently lauded Paolo Banchero on an episode of his TRoss podcast. He claimed that Paolo Banchero can do everything on the court, and Ross noted that the big man can even play some point guard.

He can do everything. He shows glimpses of absolutely everything. Playmaking, scoring, defense. He can play point. He can set screens. He's just a jack of all trades. It's refreshing to see. And he's 6'10, so he's like a big dude. If he wants to play bully ball, he can play bully ball. If he wants to face up he can do that. He can shoot 3s, he's very capable of shooting 3s. It's going to be fun to watch.

It is very clear that Terrence Ross is very high on Paolo Banchero's skill set, and it is easy to see why. A player that can do a little bit of everything offensively as a 6'10 big man is extremely valuable, and he will get plenty of opportunity to show his ability on the Orlando Magic.

There is a chance that we will even see Paolo Banchero winning the Rookie of the Year award next season. It will be exciting to see him develop, and Banchero is the face of a solid young core in Orlando that could become a contender in the future...