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The Average Value Of NBA Teams Has Increased In Price From $2.0B In 2020 To $2.4B In 2021


The NBA's primary goal is to provide its viewers with some of the best basketball in the world. There is also a business aspect to the game though, and there is no doubt that NBA franchises generate money for their governors. For a billionaire, an NBA is generally a good investment.

With a lot of fans out of the stands during the pandemic, one would think that the value of NBA franchises would decrease due to teams having less revenue. However, according to Justin Quinn of Celtics Wire, it seems as though the average valuation of NBA franchises has actually increased over the pandemic, from $2.0 billion to $2.4 billion. The New York Knicks, Golden State Warriors, and the Los Angeles Lakers are listed as the most valuable franchises in the league.

The average value of teams in the Association has continued to climb despite the ongoing pandemic. Sportico reported on Monday that the average value of an NBA franchise has risen to $2.4 billion, up from $2 billion in 2020.

The Boston Celtics check in as the league’s fifth-most valuable franchise at a valuation of $3.18 billion, just ahead of the Chicago Bulls at $3.14 billion and just behind the Brooklyn Nets at $3.4 billion. The New York Knicks ($5.42 billion), Golden State Warriors ($5.21 billion) and Los Angeles Lakers ($5.14 billion) are the top three most valuable franchises in the NBA.

The New Orleans Pelicans have the ignominious honor of being the least valuable franchise in the league, but they are still worth a whopping $1.35 billion.

The interest in the NBA as a league will likely only continue to grow. There is no doubt that things are looking good with this report. The NBA is truly a global sport, and basketball will be a mainstay in households for years to come.