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The Boston Celtics Expressed Interest In LaMarcus Aldridge, Says Adrian Wojnarowski

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LaMarcus Aldridge is a former All-Star power forward that is currently a free agent. He is mostly known for his offense, with his midrange shooting being one of his biggest strengths. This past season, LaMarcus Aldridge averaged 12.9 PPG, 5.5 RPG, and 0.9 APG for the Brooklyn Nets while shooting 55.0% from the field.

It seems as though LaMarcus Aldridge's stellar play has gotten him some interest from a contending team. Adrian Wojnarowski has recently revealed that the Boston Celtics expressed interest in LaMarcus Aldridge this summer.

There are bigs out there in the market if they decide they want to add somebody... LaMarcus Aldridge is out there. A player I was told they showed a little interest in this summer.

Obviously, LaMarcus Aldridge could potentially be a solid addition to the Boston Celtics, especially if he is on a veteran minimum contract. His offense would be valuable, but his experience and leadership in the locker room could also have a huge impact on the team.

The Boston Celtics Will Be Contenders Next Season

Even if they do not end up adding LaMarcus Aldridge, the Boston Celtics are still in a good position. They are a young team that just came off a Finals appearance, and the future is definitely bright for them.

Former Boston Celtics player Glen Davis suggested that the Boston Celtics will win a championship in the future and noted that the team losing to the Golden State Warriors was a learning experience for the team.

“I wasn’t happy, but I was happy,... The reason why is there’s different levels of the playoffs. Every level is a different level."

“First round is first round, but energy is a different level. Every level is so important. Now, you guys understand the feeling of winning the Eastern Conference Finals. You know what it takes to go to the Finals.

“Now, you know to close what type of energy you need to have... what you gotta be able to do. That experience is... with the right guys that experience it... they’re gonna win a championship because they hate that feeling of losing."

“I was happy for that learning experience. The future’s bright when you’ve got Jaylen Brown and Tatum really being All-Stars.”

Hopefully, we do see the Boston Celtics get better in the future. They will certainly be hungry to get back to the Finals and win a championship after a devastating series loss where they lost 3 games in a row after being up 2-1.

The Boston Celtics definitely have the talent to win at the highest level next year. They added Malcolm Brogdon this offseason, and that should give them enough good players to win it all in the future.