The Charlotte Hornets Have Acquired Mason Plumlee And The No 37. Pick For The No. 57 Pick

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mason plumlee

The Charlotte Hornets were reportedly going to target a center in the upcoming offseason, and it seems as though they have done so via trade.

Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN has reported that the Detroit Pistons have sent Mason Plumlee and the No. 37 pick for the No. 57 pick. It seems as though this would give the Charlotte Hornets an option at center, though they could also just use Plumlee as a backup if they get a better player in free agency or via another trade.

The Charlotte Hornets will be able to get a slightly better second-round pick in the trade as well. On the Detroit Pistons' end, it seems as though the trade was done to clear some cap and get rid of Plumlee's contract. 

There is no question that this is a good trade for both teams. Plumlee could be a great fit for the Hornets even if he plays limited minutes, and his size and rebounding will certainly be welcomed. While this isn't a blockbuster trade, sometimes the smallest moves pay big dividends. LaMelo Ball often makes great plays for his centers, and it seems as though now, Plumlee will be the beneficiary of those passes.