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The Clippers Will Pay $336.65 Million In Player Salary And Taxes Next Season, The Highest Payroll In American Sports

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The Los Angeles Clippers are a team that is widely expected to be a championship contender, as they will have two elite star players in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard while also having an elite supporting cast featuring players like Reggie Jackson and John Wall.

The team's payroll clearly reflects the fact that they are a top-tier team. A recent Reddit post by user Accomplished_Worth revealed that when adding up player salary and luxury tax, the Clippers will be spending $336.65 Million. That would make them the highest payroll in American sports. The Redditor mentioned that the data was sourced from

The Clippers are going to be spending $336.65 Mil on payroll and taxes

That would make them the highest payroll in American sports. If The warriors resign poole their payroll will be even more bonkers.

Active Payroll: $191,952,857

Luxury Tax Bill: $144,693,684

Steve Ballmer is a team governor that is known for his affiliation with Microsoft, and he is clearly willing to pay for any expense that would make the Clippers a better team and organization. Notably, it was recently revealed that the Clippers' new arena will have a "Halo Board," which will be the largest LED display in a basketball arena.

Inside the Clippers’ new $2 billion facility will be the Halo Board, stretching nearly an acre and surrounding 18,000 fans with a 4K view of replays, individual stats, quarter breakdowns, and advanced metrics.

It will be the latest innovation of Daktronics, an American LED display designer that’s becoming a household name in the world of sports technology.

Hopefully, we see all that spending by Steve Ballmer pay off for the Los Angeles Clippers. They have clearly tried to put a competitive product together, but unfortunately, they have not been able to win a championship yet.

With that being said, the Clippers should be a dominant team next season if their stars stay healthy. Kawhi Leonard has shown that he can be a No. 1 option on a championship team before, and we'll see if he can lead the Clippers to their first-ever championship next season.