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The Time Kobe Bryant Explained Why He Was 'Such An A**hole' To His Teammates: “I See Dudes Walk In 10 Minutes Before Practice And Leave Right After. I’m Busting My A** And They Don’t Wanna Work.”

Kobe Bryant

Among the many virtues of Kobe Bryant, it is his tremendous work ethic that stands out above the rest.

Bryant, who played for 20 years in the NBA, was well known for his dedicated attitude and killer mentality. He always worked harder than anyone else and wasn’t afraid to let the world know.

In a recent appearance on ‘All the Smoke’ podcast, Lakers assistant Phil Handy detailed the one time he confronted Kobe on “being such an a**hole” to his teammates. Here was his response:

“I see dudes walk in 10 mins before practice & leave right after,” said Kobe to Phil Handy. “Why the f— am I gonna pass them the ball? I don’t respect their work ethic. I’m busting my ass & they don’t want to work.”

Kobe was a really nice guy, and most of his family and friends will tell you that. Before his death in 2020, he made it a point to spend time with his family and share his knowledge about life and basketball with the world.

Sadly, Bryant isn’t around to do that anymore, but his legacy lives on in the people whose lives he helped to change.

To his teammates and coaches, Kobe was a guy who could be frustrating at times. He rubbed shoulders with Shaq, distanced himself from his younger teammates, and tried to play hero ball when the Lakers found themselves in a tight spot.

But, through it all, Kobe stayed true to himself and never stopped striving to work on his craft. For a guy who worked so hard to make his career a success, it's really no wonder he had no respect for those who weren't willing to put in the time.

In the end, it all worked out for Bryant, who retired as a 5x champion and 18x All-Star.