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The Worst Basketball Takes On Luka Doncic: 'Wouldn't Touch Him With A 10ft pole. Not Worthy Of A Top 5 Consideration... He's A Second-Round Pick. But Good Luck.'

(via Diario AS)

(via Diario AS)

It's well known that Luka Doncic wasn't the most popular player when he entered the NBA. The Slovenian guard came from doing impressive things with Real Madrid in the Spanish League and Euroleague, but that didn't earn him a lot of respect around the NBA community. 

Back in 2018, the young "prospect" was touted by several scouts as one of the most promising players globally, but not everybody was convinced that he could be good in the NBA. One NBA writer recently remembered how low people were on Luka before he demonstrated his quality in the league. 

Tyler Conway of Bleacher Report kept the receipts and he showed them on Saturday night after Doncic beat the Los Angeles Clippers in the first round of the Western Conference playoffs. More people joined the thread and brought back the bad things some used to say about Doncic. 

Sure, he didn't win the MVP award as several people predicted before the season, but he fought back after having a bad start to this campaign. He's the reason why the Mavericks are still alive and fighting against the 4th seed in the West. 

His playoffs numbers are just great, even though he's faced two great defenders like Paul George and Kawhi Leonard. Luka has the tools to leave a huge mark on the league and he's well aware of that. 

Fortunately, the people that didn't think he would do something meaningful in the association was proven wrong. So it's time to sit down and enjoy Luka work his magic, just like he did in Europe and like he's done in the past three seasons.