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TJ Warren Signed A 1-Year Deal With The Brooklyn Nets

TJ Warren Signed A 1-Year Deal With The Brooklyn Nets

TJ Warren will be inking a 1-year contract with the Brooklyn Nets for the 2022-23 NBA season. Warren was one of the most coveted wings in the league a few seasons ago after his magnificent performances in the NBA Orlando bubble. Injuries have slowed him down tremendously as he finally leaves the Indiana Pacers for the Brooklyn Nets.

The signing on Brooklyn's part is a little confusing, considering their efforts to blow their team up after Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving expect to be moved this offseason. Warren is a player many contending teams would have been interested in to be a wing reinforcement. 

This could be a sign that the Nets may run their team back for another season and push for a championship. If not, it could just be an effort to sign a player to replace Bruce Brown after he left for the Denver Nuggets. If the Nets are looking to contend, this is a good signing. If they're not, this could be the perfect place for Warren to rehabilitate his NBA career.

Warren has played just 4 games in the last two seasons, dragging his value around the league down. The price of the contract hasn't been revealed but most likely will be the veteran's minimum as the Nets are capped out as long as they have the contracts for KD and Irving.

It is hard to evaluate any move the Nets make. Could Warren be included in a trade package, or is there a genuine attempt to give the player meaningful minutes on the team? 

The Nets aren't in a position to tank on their own, considering they owe a lot of their future draft picks to other teams. If the returning players in a KD trade are solid enough to keep Brooklyn a playoff-level team, this might be a great move. With the uncertainty around the situation in Brooklyn, Warren comes out as a good signing no matter how you slice it.