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Tracy McGrady On The Toughest NBA Player That He Has Ever Played Against: “Kobe. By Far.”

Tracy McGrady On The Toughest NBA Player That He Has Ever Played Against: “Kobe. By Far.”

For 20 years, Kobe Bryant played at an elite level in the NBA. Even at a young age, Kobe had started to become a role model for many. The reason for that was the insane skill set that he possessed and a mentality that only a few can match.

So it wasn't a surprise that Bryant gave his opponents a run for their money on a nightly basis. For some, he is definitely the toughest player they have ever faced in their respective careers.

Apart from Kobe, Tracy McGrady was also a menace for defenders during his short yet entertaining prime. He was an elite scorer and could easily win a game for his team on any given day.

The two superstars were rivals for a while and gave fans some pretty memorable moments. But they also made each other better in a way. In fact, T-Mac even credited Kobe for giving him the confidence to improve his skills.

Following that, McGrady has once again praised the late NBA legend, Kobe Bryant. In an interview with "Playmaker HQ," he was asked who is the toughest NBA player that he ever faced in the league. T-Mac replied:

"Kobe. By far. You know he's the greatest competitor, the greatest player that I have ever faced."

When Kobe and T-Mac faced off against each other, it was a treat to the eye of the fans. Unfortunately, it didn't last long as McGrady's career was ruined with a lot of injuries and he fell off.

On the other hand, Kobe went on to become one of the best players that the NBA has ever seen. He won a total of 5 NBA Championships throughout his amazing career.

At the end of the day, both Tracy and Kobe are part of the Basketball Hall of Fame and will forever be considered two of the most amazing scorers to play in the league.