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Tracy McGrady Thinks Kevin Durant And Kyrie Irving Are The Most Talented Teammates In NBA History: "Maybe Mike And Pipp... There's No Other Dynamic Duo That Compares To KD And Kyrie."


Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are one of, if not the best duo in the NBA right now. Both players have had a lot of success in the league, on an individual and team level. Durant and Irving have been regular All-Stars for the last decade, and have consistently performed at a very high level. The two could be the foundation of a championship team. And one NBA legend believes that the duo is the most talented pair of teammates in NBA history.

Tracy McGrady spoke recently in an interview with Shannon Sharpe. He noted that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving could be the most talented pair of teammates in the history of the NBA, possibly with the exception of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. McGrady added that the things that Durant and Irving are capable of doing cannot be replicated by anyone, and they are a level above LeBron James and Dwyane Wade in terms of skill.

“Without a doubt. Without a shadow of a doubt. I haven’t seen a pair, a duo that skilled… maybe Mike and Pipp (Scottie Pippen)… there’s no other dynamic duo that compares to KD and Kyrie… even if you look at what LeBron and D-Wade (Dwayne Wade) was, skill wise, they still not touching them two boys.”

Durant and Irving have only played 2 seasons together, and even in that time, Kyrie Irving was restricted from playing a majority of the games due to the vaccine mandate in New York. As a result, they haven’t gotten enough reps together. But now that both players are fit and eligible to play any game in the playoffs, the Nets will be confident that Irving and Durant can lead the Nets to the NBA Finals, but it will not be easy.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant have to lead the Brooklyn Nets past the Boston Celtics, one of the best teams in the NBA this season. The Nets lost Game 1 but came very close. And if things go better for them in the rest of the series, they can turn it around. Getting past the Celtics will give the Nets confidence to make a run in the playoffs and reach the NBA Finals.