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Trae Young Got A Vote For New York City Mayor In Hilarious Troll Against Knicks

Trae Young

The 2021 New York City mayoral race was held back in early November, and apparently Trae Young got a vote.

While nobody has stepped up to claim responsibility for the write-in, the situation has gone viral online, drawing national attention to the subject.

(via ESPN)

In November's election, Young received one write-in vote to be New York's next mayor, according to the New York City Board of Elections report that was released Wednesday. The Hawks superstar will not have to move into Gracie Mansion and take on the mayoral duties. Young finished 753,800 votes shy of Democrat Eric Adams, the winner of the race.

The Atlanta Hawks star, who played the Knicks in last season's playoffs, became a hit sensation among fans for his amazing talent and fearless attitude. In 2021, he pulled off a miracle by leading the young underequipped Hawks to the Eastern Conference Finals.

The most glaring moment of that run came during his battle in the Big Apple when he fired back against fans who booed him at MSG:

“I wanted to hear those F-U chants again,” Young said in his postgame interview with TNT.

I’ve always looked at it is I’m doing something right,” Young said on his postgame Zoom. “If I’m offending them with my play that they hate me that much, I’m obviously doing something right.

I just got to let my play do the talking. At the end of the day, fans can only talk. They can’t guard me. They’re not out there playing.”

Funnily enough, the Hawks and Knicks are on course to meet again in the postseason. If things hold up like this until April, the teams could face each other in a play-in match.

Whatever the case, Young's dominating performance is clearly leaving an impression on the viewers.