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Trae Young Reveals He Loves Trash Talk: "It’s Fun. It’s Basketball."

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Trae Young Responds After Knicks Fall To 1-3- "I Don’t Care If They’re In Their Feelings Or Who’s Mad Or Who’s Not."

Trash-talking has been part of all sports for a very long time. It is obvious that the atmosphere during a game can get heated at times, and it is unsurprising to see players throw verbal barbs at one another during those times.

It is understandable if some people don't enjoy talking trash to their opponents and just let the on-court product do the talking. While Trae Young is entirely fine doing that as well, he has recently revealed that he enjoys talking trash and stated that "it's fun" for him. Chris Kirschner of The Athletic relayed Young's words.

“I enjoy it. If somebody wants to talk and turn me up, that’s on them,” Young said. “It’s fun. It’s basketball. I grew up playing up and playing against older guys. Nobody really respected me when I was a kid, so I always had to talk trash and let them know I was in the gym. I don’t always start it. I’m for sure OK not talking trash and letting the game do the talking, but if somebody wants to play a certain way and talk trash and get into that game, we can do it, too.”

As Trae Young mentions, he is no stranger to trash talk from opposing players. There have also been fans that have trash-talked him as well, with the entire Madison Square Garden once erupting into a "Trae is balding" chant. With that being said, it's clear that this sort of talk doesn't affect his play, and teammate John Collins has notably said that Young's X-Factor is his confidence.

The Hawks are not in the same position they finished last year, and they are currently fighting to make the playoffs. A lot of fans would love to see the Hawks finish as a playoff seed, as watching Trae Young in a postseason is entertaining. Young's confidence and trash-talking are part of what makes him an exciting player to watch, and hopefully, we get to see many more great performances from him.