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Trae Young Wants Kevin Durant And Dejounte Murray To Team Up With Him On The Atlanta Hawks

Trae Young Wants Kevin Durant And Dejounte Murray To Team Up With Him On The Atlanta Hawks

After days of dizzying trade rumors, it looks like the Nets will move forward with their two stars for at least one more season.

Meanwhile, in Atlanta, sharpshooting point guard Trae Young is dreaming of leading a big three of his own. On Twitter, Young's recent activity indicates that he loves the idea of playing with Kevin Durant and Dejounte Murray, who would make the Hawks instant title contenders.

As much as Trae Young might enjoy prosperity with KD, it's not happening anytime soon. Kyrie Irving has already opted into his contract and Kevin Durant is unlikely to bail on his best friend for uncharted waters in Atlanta.

Regarding Dejounte Murray, though, it might be more than a pipedream. The Spurs are reportedly shopping Murray, and both players have already shown a desire to team up.

There has been some buzz about San Antonio Spurs guard Dejounte Murray potentially joining the Atlanta Hawks. Dejounte Murray notably sent out a cryptic Tweet when reports of him potentially being traded for John Collins surfaced.

NBA insider Jake Fischer has recently claimed that Trae Young and Dejounte Murray are interested in playing together. It is quite likely if that were to happen, it would be on the Hawks as it is unlikely that the Spurs would be able to put together a package to trade for Young.

I know that Dejounte and Trae want to play together, or at least have interest in doing it. 

With the right moves, the Hawks might actually make a Murray/Young tandem a reality. And, together, they could lift the Hawks to new heights.

No matter what happens with Atlanta this summer, it's clear that Trae Young is growing restless with the status quo. He wants his team to show a commitment to winning and do something big before it's too late.

We are all watching and waiting to see what comes next.