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Tyler Herro Says LeBron James Is The Final Boss

Tyler Herro Says LeBron James Is The Final Boss

LeBron James once again impressed everybody this season, his second one with the Los Angeles Lakers. James led the team to the championship for the first time in 10 years, winning the Finals MVP for the fourth time in his career after having a great series against the Miami Heat.

Bron was 35 and playing his 17th season in the league. His longevity is something remarkable and unmatched and even one of these rivals had high praise for him and his level in the Orlando bubble. Tyler Herro of the Miami Heat recently wrote a piece on The Players’ Tribune, talking about his rookie season. Moreover, he talked about the 14 things he learned during his first campaign in the association.

Of course, facing James had to be included on that list and he gave LeBron and his level the ultimate nickname.

“If the NBA was a video game, LeBron is like the final boss,” he wrote. “That’s probably how I’d sum up the end of our season, I guess.

“It’s like — on one level, it was a failure for sure. There’s a culture here and we own it. Our goal is to win championships. And we came up empty.

“But on another level….. man. That was an insane run. We played our hearts out. We beat some really good teams.

“And then we just fell a little short vs. the final boss.”

That is pretty much how the rest of the league sees LeBron. In order to win the championship, you'll probably have to get past him and Herro learned that the hard way.

Now the player is ready to improve what he and his team did last season, this time without having to play in a bubble. Herro is one of the most promising players in the league and he's learning from great players, including teammate Jimmy Butler and rival LeBron James.