Vernon Maxwell On His Beef With Utah Jazz Fans: "They People Out There Abused Me. Talk About My Mama, My Grandma... They Called Me The N-Word. You See What They Did To Ja Morant."

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It's easier to see Michael Jordan and Isiah Thomas praising each other than Vernon Maxwell saying something nice to the Utah Jazz and their fans. The Houston Rockets legend really hates the Jazz after all the back and forths they had during his active days. 

The bad blood is really there, and Maxwell has no plans of fixing that shortly. Recently, he joined the 'Rex Chapman Show,' where he talked about his time with the Rockets and more topics. 

It was mandatory to know what really happened between him and the Jazz. He had plenty of reasons to dislike that franchise and its fans, remembering everything he was told whenever he went to Salt Lake City (28:22). 

"The people out there, they abused me. Talk about my mama, my grandma, talk about the stillborn; they call me the N-word. You see what they did to Ja Morant and his mom and dad. I keep telling these people they've been doing this for a long time. People are acting like this shit is new, I said this a long time ago, and that's why I was happy that Dwyane Wade took a part-ownership in that. Because he's a black man, and I'm sure he heard it, and he's seen it and what goes on there from when he was a player. "

When the Jazz were eliminated from the playoffs by the Los Angeles Clippers, Maxwell was the first to celebrate that win, blasting the franchise and asking Donovan Mitchell to leave that place and put himself in a better position

This man has no love for the Jazz. He's always ready to destroy him, and given the recent events at the Vivint Arena, he won't stop anytime soon.