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Video: Anthony Edwards And Donovan Mitchell Spotted Balling Out In Miami

Video: Anthony Edwards And Donovan Mitchell Spotted Balling Out In Miami

It has been a while now since the NBA season ended, so more players are returning to the court after taking some time to recharge their batteries. We have seen many of them, like LeBron James and Trae Young, feature in Pro-Am Leagues across the country to much fanfare, but a lot of work is being done behind the scenes too.

Anthony Edwards and Donovan Mitchell are two such individuals who are putting in that work, and we got to see some footage of them balling out in a game in Miami.

If there was one criticism of Edwards' game, it was that he doesn't shoot it all that well from beyond the arc, and he has definitely worked on that this offseason. We see that here in the clip, and another video was doing the rounds previously that showed him drilling three-pointers during a workout. If he can show some consistency as a long-range shooter, then the rest of the league has a real problem on their hands, not that he isn't a headache to deal with already.

Not one to be outdone, Donovan Mitchell showed what he is capable of as well, but while Edwards looks set to be the centerpiece for the Timberwolves going forward, Mitchell's future remains up in the air. The Jazz seem prepared to enter a full-blown rebuild and are listening to offers for their star, but the asking price is quite high.

The Heat are one of the teams who have been linked with Mitchell, but they are unwilling to include Bam Adebayo in the package, which is making things a bit difficult. Reports also indicate that it might take five or even six first-round picks to trade for him, so there is a chance that Mitchell ends up staying with the Jazz. All of that stuff is out of his control, so Donovan is sticking to doing what he does best, which is ball out on the court.