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Video: Cam Thomas Rolls His Eyes When Asked About Steve Nash's Advice To Him

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cam thomas

Cam Thomas is a promising young guard that plays for the Brooklyn Nets currently. He is known to be a solid shot creator and many people are high on his potential. If Thomas develops right, he could be a solid starting guard in the future.

The Brooklyn Nets' current head coach is Steve Nash, and he is an all-time great point guard. Recently, Nash gave Cam Thomas some advice, encouraging him to look for his own shot but also to make plays for his teammates. It seems as though Cam Thomas wasn't a huge fan of the advice though, as he was recently spotted rolling his eyes when asked about it by a reporter, and stating "it is what it is" when questioned about it.

Reporter: "I was talking to your coach Steve Nash & he's encouraging you to look for your shot & your teammates" 

Cam Thomas: "It is what it is."

Cam Thomas isn't exactly a pass-first guard, and playmaking is definitely not his go-to weapon. However, Steve Nash's suggestion to balance his own scoring and finding his teammates is sound advice for Cam Thomas. Steve Nash was notably a small guard, just like Cam Thomas is, and there is a reason he became a two-time MVP. Perhaps we will see Cam Thomas take Steve Nash's advice in the future.

If Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are both traded by the Brooklyn Nets this offseason, that will mean more opportunities next season for Cam Thomas to showcase what he can do on the basketball court. There is no doubt that playing next to stars can sometimes stunt the growth of young players. Hopefully, we see Cam Thomas take a step forward next season, and him playing well on an individual level can improve how good the Nets are as a team.