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Video: Carmelo Anthony Got In Argument With Fan Leading To Fan's Ejection

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carmelo anthony fight

Sometimes there are incidents between fans and players in the NBA. We have seen instances where fans are straight-up disrespectful to players while in the stands. Unfortunately, that happened today. 

During the Philadelphia 76ers - Los Angeles Lakers game, Carmelo Anthony got into a verbal altercation with a fan. The fan subsequently got ejected from the game by security for whatever he said. There was no physical element in this situation, and it's clear that the referees and security took swift action to diffuse the situation and make sure that the game continues as planned.

It is unfortunate that there are fans that find it acceptable to disrespect players when on the court. We have seen this happen in the past. For example, LeBron James was in a situation where he got some Indiana Pacers fans ejected for "obscene words and gestures". There's no place in the game for this, and hopefully, the league will be able to figure out what exactly got Carmelo Anthony riled up. Obviously, some chants and taunts are deemed acceptable, but there are definitely times when fans cross boundaries.

The Los Angeles Lakers ended up losing that game, getting blown out by the Philadelphia 76ers. There's no question that the Los Angeles Lakers need to make some sort of move, and hopefully, that can happen soon. Though LeBron James was out today, the team definitely had the talent to compete with the Philadelphia 76ers. Anthony Davis did drop 31 points and got 12 rebounds, but obviously, his return has not been enough to prevent the Los Angeles Lakers from losing more games.

We will see what the Los Angeles Lakers will end up doing to try and improve their standings. Hopefully, we see the team get better in the coming days, and LeBron James returning could mask a lot of their issues.