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Video: Ja Morant Talks Trash To Steph Curry After 47-Point Performance In Game 2 Win

Video: Ja Morant Talks Trash To Steph Curry After 47-Point Performance In Game 2 Wim

Ja Morant completely out-played Steph Curry in Game 2 of the Golden State Warriors vs. Memphis Grizzlies second-round series. The two teams have a burgeoning rivalry, with the Grizzlies eliminating the Warriors from the play-in tournament last season and stealing the #2 seed this season after the Warriors went through a winter slump.

Considering the list of strong performances Morant has against Steph, the younger point guard has to make it known to Curry that they are on a relatively level playing field, as Morant had a 47-point performance to give the Warriors a tough loss tonight. 

Ja and the Grizzlies don't run from the smoke, they run up the chimney. As a result, Morant was feeling great after their strong win and decided to talk trash to Steph Curry as Curry walked by him at the end of the game. 

Veterans do not like to be disrespected, so Curry will probably let that moment sit with him and come back stronger in Game 3. This is still the most gifted shooter in NBA history and if he goes hot, there are very few ways teams can beat GSW. Curry has lost just two Playoff series' since 2015, with both losses coming in the NBA Finals (2016 and 2019). This is the first time Morant has made the second round.

Ja has been doing this to every opponent, no matter the status they hold within the league. What if Curry responds and actually out-plays Ja? Curry is simply the better player, and even Ja would concede that. But no player should ever concede something like that in the middle of a series, especially if it's in the playoffs.

Game 3 will have the Warriors back in their home arena and a raucous crowd to give the Grizzlies a tough welcome. With them behind him, Curry might make Morant regret talking the way he did after Game 2.