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Video: Jayson Tatum Returns To Duke To Hoop And Catch Up With Old Friends

Video: Jayson Tatum Returns To Duke To Hoop And Catch Up With Old Friends

The Boston Celtics perhaps were the biggest surprise package last season. While the team initially struggled to break even, eventually Ime Udoka rallied back his players and made the Celtics a formidable team. Solid defensively and decent offensively, the Celtics transformed overnight. From playoff hopefuls to championship hopefuls, the tide changed pretty quickly for Boston fans.

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons behind the same was the electric form of Jayson Tatum. Tatum, who had a slow start to the season, had a blazing explosion in the second half of the season. Shooting efficiently and locking down offensive players, the 24-year-old truly stepped up for the team last season and with his playoff heroics established himself as one of the top small forwards in the division.

Jayson Tatum Visits Former College Duke

The Duke basketball program has seen a fair share of NBA players over the last few years. Tatum is certainly one of the most well-known alumni of late. While the 24-year-old had an impactful season last season, he certainly backs himself to be even better and is ready to put the work in.

Recently, Tatum visited the Duke training facility to meet up with some of his old friends and putting in the reps in the offseason. Spotted working out and talking to Coach K, the 3-time All-Star is super motivated to move into the new season. Even Tatum's son Deuce was also spotted in the latest video. It was certainly great to see the Celtics superstar in the Duke facility sharing some of his NBA experience with the younger players around him. 

Tatum and the Celtics will have their eyes set on the championship for the upcoming season. Given the moves they have made in the offseason, they look set to compete for the NBA title. But it won't be easy for them. This time, the Celtics will have many competitors in the East who will try to sneak in and eliminate them. Can Tatum and Co. prove that they are here for the long run or was the Finals run last year just a fluke?