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Video: Kevin Durant Spotted Shooting Around With Kids After Unveiling New Court In Harlem

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There's no question that athletes often open up new courts all over the world to try and promote the growth of basketball and help kids be able to play sports after school.

The latest athlete to open up a new court is Kevin Durant, who opened up a new court in Harlem, NY. Kevin Durant was also spotted shooting around with kids after the opening, and it's clear that he cares about youth basketball.

Actions such as these can only help increase the popularity of the game. Kevin Durant has often interacted with younger fans, and he was recently spotted dapping a kid up and making his day.

Recently, Kevin Durant has been mentioned in the news frequently due to him requesting a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. There's no doubt that a lot of teams would love to have him on their roster, and NBA analyst Zach Lowe considers Kevin Durant the second-best player in the league currently, due to him being the "most fittable, malleable superstar" in the entire "history" of basketball.

"Probably the second best player in the NBA right now, an MVP candidate. The most fittable, malleable superstar I think in the history of the sport. You never have to worry about does he fit with Tatum, does he fit with Jimmy Butler, does he fit with Rudy Gobert, does he fit with whoever. He fits everywhere. Easiest fit in the league."

It remains to be seen where Kevin Durant ends up in the future. He will likely prefer to go to a competitive team, one where he will have a legitimate chance of winning an NBA championship.

As of right now though, it seems as though Kevin Durant is still having fun during the offseason. We'll see where he ends up in the future, but it's good to see that Kevin Durant is willing to help in his community even amidst a trade request.