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Video: LeBron James Makes Surprise Appearance At 'I PROMISE School'

LeBron James

LeBron James may be out of the NBA playoffs, but he's still finding ways to keep himself busy.

On Thursday, the Lakers legend paid a visit to his world-renowned I Promise School in his hometown of Akron, Ohio. The students, completely unaware of his plans, were displaying smiles and gasps as he entered the room to surprise them all.

Check out the clip:

James has his hand in countless projects, and he contributes to the community in more ways than one. His I Promise School, however, may be his most important, and most beloved, contribution.

The school opened in 2018, in cooperation with the city of Akron. It was designed to provide help and structure to struggling kids with a program that includes special resources for students and families.

(via I PROMISE School):

All of the LeBron James Family Foundation’s work is rolled into the I PROMISE School, an Akron Public School dedicated to those students who are already falling behind and in danger of falling through the cracks.

The school implements specialized programming - from a longer school day, to its STEM curriculum with a “We Are Family” philosophy - tailored to these students that creates a culture conducive to social-emotional learning.

IPS also provides wraparound supports that educate the whole person—with a focus on both academics and character building.

Additionally, there is an intentional effort to engage the entire family with an on-campus Family Resource Center and regular events requiring parent participation in order to create a supportive environment both in the classroom and at home.

It is a yearly tradition for James to drop in and surprise the kids, but it's something that just never gets old to see.

Despite being a basketball legend and almost-billionaire, his work on this school, and the work he's done in Akron, is worthy of celebration just as much as anything he's ever done.