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Vince Carter Played Against 12 Different NBA Players And Their Sons

(via El Desmarque)

(via El Desmarque)

If there is one word that describes Vince Carter, that is 'longevity.' The future Hall of Famer spent 22 years in the NBA, delighting everybody on a nightly basis. Even during his last seasons in the league, Vince found the way to enchant fans with one pass, one dunk or a 3-pointer.

The man had a great and long tenure in the association and plenty of people don't realize how long Vince has been around. To put things in perspective, one Redditor called 'junedababoon' got to work and revealed a very cool fact. During his career, Vince player against 12 different NBA players and their sons.

That should tell you about the career he's had and his longevity. All of the father sons pairs were:

Glen Rice & Glen Rice Jr.

Tim Hardaway & Tim Hardaway Jr.

Glenn Robinson Jr. & Glenn Robinson III

Gary Payton & Gary Payton II

Gary Trent & Gary Trent Jr.

Jaren Jackson & Jaren Jackson Jr.

Patrick Ewing & Patrick Ewing Jr.

Gerald Wilkins & Damien Wilkins

Terry Davis & Ed Davis

Arvydas Sabonis & Domantas Sabonis

Harvey Grant & Jerami Grant & Jerian Grant

Dell Curry & Stephen Curry & Seth Curry

Moreover, Carter shared touches in the Hawks, with four players born after he was drafted. Bruno Fernando, Kevin Huerter, Trae Young, and Cam Reddish all came to this world after the Golden State Warriors drafted Vince and traded him to the Toronto Raptors. Reddish was born after Vince finished his rookie year.

If that is not enough, you have to know that Vince is even older than Trae Young's dad. Air Canada left a mark on the game but this is another level. He was that dude.