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When A Frustrated Shaquille O'Neal Cursed On Live TV Following A Poorly Officiated Game: 'I Don't Give A S**t.'

(via EssentiallySports)

(via EssentiallySports)

Shaquille O'Neal is one of the most entertaining players in NBA history. The Big Diesel always made people laugh without trying, which hasn't changed now that he's become an analyst. 

Whenever he speaks, people listen, and that has been a common thing since he was active. He was always vocal about his thoughts no matter who could feel offended by them, even if that was former commissioner David Stern. 

After a poorly officiated game that the Los Angeles Lakers almost lost, Shaq once called out Stern and the referees following the game. The center even cursed on live TV when a reporter asked him about the last minutes of that game. 

"David Stern wonders why the league is losing money," Shaq said during a post-game interview. "That's why. People paid good money to come watch these athletes play and [the refs] try to take over the f---ing game!"

That's when the reporter reminded him they were on live TV. Still, O'Neal didn't care about it, cursing again, giving an intimidating look to the camera. 

"I don't give a shit," Shaq replied while the reporter said 'I know.' 

No. 34 was fuming after that game. He didn't like the way things were handled and let people know. Not even the reporter was stopping him from getting those things off his chest. 

Although he doesn't use strong words as an analyst, his personality hasn't changed. He can be very sensitive at times, but that's just the way Shaq handles his business.