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When LeBron James Attended WWE Raw With A Flip Phone In 2003

When LeBron James Attended WWE Raw With A Flip Phone In 2003

Because of how long he has been around, it's easy to forget just how hyped LeBron James was coming into the NBA. Before he even got drafted, Sports Illustrated put him on a magazine cover and dubbed him 'The Chosen One'. James was such a massive start that his high school games were even being broadcasted on ESPN. 

James was considered the next big superstar in the NBA, and the person to carry the torch that Michael Jordan held in the league. Jordan was the consensus first overall pick from the 2003 NBA Draft class. To be considered the consensus first pick ahead of Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Bosh just shows how hyped LBJ was.

James went to the Cleveland Cavaliers and instantly began to make an impact. The opening week of the NBA can be hectic for an incoming rookie. But James was able to make it work. And he also had time to make public appearances, showing up ringside to WWE's Monday Night Raw.

The announcers Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler hyped up LeBron James and called him one of the hottest superstars in the NBA. James was sitting ringside, watching all the action. He took a picture of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin on his flip phone, excited to see the legend in the ring.

After the show, James went backstage and met some of the superstars, including Stacy Kiebler and Goldberg. James clearly had a lot of fun during his appearance on Raw. But he missed out on seeing Randy Orton in action, who another WWE star called the LeBron James of wrestling.

Over the years, LeBron James has not been the only star to appear on WWE TV. Most recently, Trae Young showed up as a villain on WWE SmackDown, which was taking place in Madison Square Garden. After his dominant display against the Knicks in the playoffs, Young didn't get a positive reaction from the fans.

James' 2003 appearance on Raw, where he was just one week into his now-illustrious NBA career, shows just how massive he was at the time. As an 18-year-old, he had immense expectations to live up to. And since then, he has gone on to exceed all of them and become one of the greatest of all time.