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When Phil Jackson Wore A Brand New Pair Of Air Jordan IV's On The Court With Michael Jordan

When Phil Jackson Wore A Brand New Pair Of Air Jordan IV On The Court With Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson didn't have the best relationship when the head coach was first appointed as the Chicago Bulls' helmsman, but they grew to become a terrific duo and great friends on and off the court. 

They were so close that Jordan used to give Jackson early access to his new sneakers and in 1989, they both wore the brand new Air Jordan IV. During an Eastern Conference finals matchup against the Detroit Pistons, MJ and Jackson showed off their new kicks, catching the attention of everybody at the arena. 

An old video resurfaced showing the moment when cameras caught Jordan showing his AJ4s and immediately showed the ones Jackson was using. 

Unfortunately, the new shoes didn't bring luck to the Bulls, who once again succumbed to the Pistons. They lost the series 4-2, and Detroit would win the championship against the Los Angeles Lakers that campaign. 

That was only the fourth shoe that MJ released, and those have become a classic among sneakerheads. Jordan made sure to leave a mark on and off the court these shoes are the biggest proof of that. 

Nobody has emulated his success with the Jordan Brand and sometimes is easy to see which one is bigger, he or the company he built. Not even Phil Jackson could resist the Jordans and he pulled them off.