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Wizards Announcer: “I Think Ben Simmons Is One Of If Not The Most Overrated Players In The NBA.”

(via Forbes)

(via Forbes)

24-year-old Ben Simmons is widely regarded as one of the best and brightest young stars in the NBA. As the leader and offensive playmaker for Philly, he has become vital to their operation, averaging 16.1 points, 7.9 rebounds, and 7.6 assists per game as one of the league's primary defenders.

But can he be classified as overrated? According to one Wizards announcer, that's exactly what he is. Here's the bold claim he made during the Wizards/Sixers broadcast:

Obviously, Ben has an amazing level of talent, and his play is a huge reason why the 76ers have been so good over the past couple of years.

Still, there is a sense that he hasn't quite lived up to his expectations. Hailed as the next "LeBron," Ben hasn't yet figured out how to be an effective shooter, and it has cost him some value on the offensive end. Interestingly, his points and assists average this year is less than it was in his previous two seasons.

So, is Simmons overrated? Is he a "bust?"

That matter is up for debate, but Simmons himself has more than proved he belongs in this league, and there's still plenty of time for him to continue to grow and develop his game.