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Fans Worry About Joel Embiid After Suffering No-Contact Knee Injury

(via Sports Illustrated)

(via Sports Illustrated)

Joel Embiid has emerged as a leading MVP candidate this season, leading the 76ers to the top seed in the East as he averages 30.2 points per game.

But, on Friday night's game against the Wizards, the superstar big man went down with a no-contact knee injury in the second half, threatening his MVP campaign and the entirety of Philly's title chances.

There's no real way for us to know the prognosis right now, but it certainly doesn't look good. All around the community, fans have expressed concern.

Prior to Embiid's arrival, the Sixers struggled to stay relevant in the Eastern Conference, often clinging to "The Process" as their means of justifying just how bad they were.

But once Joel made his debut, there was almost an instant culture shift in Philadelphia, and the team has been a force in the East for most of the years that Embiid has been active.

With him gone, there is virtually no hope of them going on to win the title.

Considering all that both he and the franchise have gone through, the idea Embiid suffering from some kind of a major injury really sucks. All basketball fans are hoping for the best.