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Woman Hit By Christian Wood In Head With Bad Pass Wants Direct Apology

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Christian Wood

Sometimes, there are accidents that happen during basketball games. Sometimes players get injured when playing basketball. This time, it was a fan that ended up getting hurt.

During the recent Rockets-Hornets game, Christian Wood threw an errant pass into the stands, which ended up hitting a Charlotte Hornets fan in the face. The Hornets fan, whose name was Isabella Fitz, ended up leaving the game.

It seems as though Isabella Fitz also had an issue with Christian Wood's Instagram post that stated "happens to the best of us" while having some laughing emojis. Fitz reportedly found that inappropriate and wants a direct apology. Reportedly, Christian Wood has offered her free tickets, but it seems as though Fitz wasn't moved, and her focus seems to be the apology.

Just today, her doctor told her not to return to her finance job for the next 3 weeks. It's not just the injuries that upset Isabella.

Isabella Fitz: "There was definitely a laugh from the announcers"

Isabella also takes issue with what the player posted after the game.

Isabella Fitz: He put the laughing emoji and said "happens to the best of us". By no means was that appropriate.

The player posted a message offering Isabella free game tickets, but she says even though it was an accident, she would like him to directly apologize.

We'll see if there will be any form of apology from Christian Wood, but it seems fair for him to offer compensation in the form of tickets. It was clearly an accident as Wood was aiming to pass. Hopefully, this sort of incident doesn't happen again in the future, and this particular situation is resolved.

The Houston Rockets are 15th in the Western Conference, and they seem like they're headed to the lottery this year. There have been rumors about the Rockets potentially trading Christian Wood as well, and we'll see what direction their season takes going forward.